A History of Innovation
in Sustainability and Wellness
Toronto-Dominion Centre is the real life story of a workplace community that recognizes that sustainability and wellness are not one-size-fits-all concepts. They understand, to be successful, these programs must be advanced, using a variety of different strategies and integrated approaches. For this reason, TD Centre has engaged many different tools and programs, all in an effort to achieve overall goals.

Wellness Program

Enhancing quality of life in the workplace
Our new Health and Wellness Campaign focuses on the health and wellness of all Toronto-Dominion Centre occupants. This inspiring campaign has been designed to enhance our tenants’ overall wellbeing by increasing opportunities for physical movement, nutrition awareness and stress management in the workplace. By participating, TD Centre tenants will have the opportunity to increase employee engagement, impact overall productivity and create a more positive work experience.

Green at Work™

The GREEN AT WORK™ program has become the operating standard for every Cadillac Fairview property. Based on 5 core pillars of sustainability, this initiative has been instrumental in reducing our environmental footprint on every level. The GREEN AT WORK™ pillars include: Energy; Waste Management; Environmental Protection; Sustainable Procurement; Stakeholder Collaboration.


TD Centre’s Occupant Engagement Program is all about collaboration and positive results. Driven by TD Centre’s Green Council, comprised of tenant and building management volunteers, its goal is to alter behaviour through creative tenant engagement and education. Successful programs have focused on energy conservation, recycling and smoking by-law requirements.


This important program has been designed to improve the health and wellbeing of our valued tenants. Tenant offerings include physical movement classes, nutritional awareness programs and stress reduction clinics. Through tenant engagement, education and awareness, we hope to improve the lives of all TD Centre tenants.


With all six properties certified
LEED Platinum, Toronto-Dominion Centre
is Canada’s most sustainable business community. The rigorous LEED EB: O&M certification program requires that buildings operate to the highest international standards of green management and
operational efficiency.

Through our program of ongoing maintenance, technology upgrades and LEED Platinum certification, 222 Bay provides tenants with one of the most comfortable, efficient and healthy work environments possible.
Sustainable success at TD Centre has been a collaborative journey. We rely on our tenant partners to help us create, prioritize and manage programs that have transformed the way we do business and position TD Centre as a leader in sustainable innovation.
A healthy lifestyle is important to personal success, and at TD Centre, we do everything possible to help our tenants achieve their goals. From our provision of bicycle racks and ample green space to our fitness centre and wellness programs.